Ciao! I’m Monica and I’m originally from Treviso, Italy.


I moved to the US 14 years ago to continue my previous career in the Entertainment Industry. After many achievements, I felt complete and I knew that my purpose was different. I knew that I had the gift of helping others become the best version of themselves, so I decided to change careers and become a success coach and Hypnotherapist. That’s when the reality check came to me once again: what I saw online was that in order to get clients you need to have a big following and the vanity metrics was a game that I wasn’t up to doing anymore, not after almost 20 years in the movie industry, I was fed up. The ups and downs were real, I had a few clients here and there but my business was not near where I wanted it to be.

It wasn’t until I healed my inner child, my past programming + clarity on my messaging that I was finally able to change the way I was thinking, causing me to change the way I was feeling and finally attracting the business of my dreams. I didn’t need a big following to attract my ideal clients and to fill my offers, I just needed 3 fundamental things. 1) the right Mindset (built from healing), 2) clarity on messaging and offers 3) merge marketing with energetics. After that my business grew exponentially.


And that’s why I’m so passionate about working with Coaches, Healers and Change-Makers who are eager to become the go-to expert in their field, showing up as a Leader and willing to achieve their Droals (dreams + goals), because it’s possible to be successful just by being you.


Through my signature Trifecta Method, my clients are able to heal what's keeping them stuck, to have a Mindset of a true Leader, to become visible and finally to connect with their dream clients through storytelling leveraging my Hollywood experience, they are able to master their messaging in an easy and powerful way so that they can fill their offers with ease, alignment and integrity. 


This system has been proven time and time again to deliver game-changing results.


So dig in, look around and connect with me!


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