Turn your followers into dollars!


How to become ‘wanted' by your existing audience so that you can fill your offers with ease and make the holiday season filled with abundance. 

By the end of this training you will know:


  • The 3 steps to become attractive to your existing audience, how to grow it and how to attract more qualified leads; 
  • The most important strategy that you need to convert your followers into clients;
  • Why you are not having the results you want at the moment (hint: it's not your fault :);
  • How to leverage the power of your Mind so that you can actually achieve those results;
  • How to Unleash and Channel your Inner Celebrity so that you will attract clients into your offers with ease;
  • How to sell without selling so that you can increase your SALES results.


PLUS if you hang out live with us you will have the chance to get 2 big gifts worth $1k!


WARNING: This is not just a webinar or a sales pitch but a step by-step to help you make the profits that you desire and the impact that you are longing for.


Roberta Sparta

Before I had many ideas but not a clear path to achieve what I wanted. My mind was shifting between different states and I often felt scattered, Now I am happier because I work less, make more and feel much energized and creative.

Ashley Pharazyn

Your guidance and help has shifted my business and made achieving my goals feel possible.



Angela Hind

After watching the masterclass I have implemented the strategies that I developed and my business has been booming! I consider Monica and her guidance to be a huge asset to me, both personally and in my business.