A 8 week container to get all the strategies, deep healing and support to a consistent 5 figure per month business.

After this, the program won't open again until 2022 










Here is the replay from the Masterclass we had on 10/20 

I know life can get busy and it's difficult to attend these events, but as promised, the replay is available for your viewing pleasure for a few days. From here you can browse the rest of the page for more information and enroll!

Want to know the hard truth about building

a successful business? 

Being good at what you do just isn’t enough.

So, you’re an entrepreneur, a coach, a healer, maybe a teacher... and you know you are GREAT at what you do...

But there's always something in the way between you and what you want: time, connections, not enough money, confidence, not sure how, overwhelm, stress, people around you... you name it!

And all you want is more dream clients, more money, a growing business that's aligned with your values and that is not sucking all of your time but that gives you the freedom you've been seeking for quite a while. 

I get it.   

I’m an entrepreneur too, and I want to teach you how to build a thriving, money-making business that feels just right and makes you excited, not anxious, fulfilled and not stressed out.

 Are you an entrepreneur who is finally ready to make more money with the things that you love the most?




✨ What if you didn’t have to struggle to find clients online?


✨ What if you didn’t have to chase anyone to get a sale ?


✨ What if you instead had a following of raving fans waiting to buy from you?


✨ What if you knew all the steps of the way and were supported along your entrepreneurial journey?


✨ What if you could find everything you needed in one spot: from healing your inner child to the most updated marketing strategies so you can become a sought-after leader in your field and finally shower the holiday season with Abundance?



Ciao! I’m Monica and I went from:

Broke, no degree, no direction, no purpose (add immigrant and unhappily single);




CEO, living my purpose, hitting and surpassing my revenue goals helping others heal, making money while building their empire (add married to my soulmate + a beautiful baby).


From acting and performing in Rome, NYC and Hollywood to a radical transformation that allowed me not only to heal myself and to build a thriving business, but after becoming a clinical hypnotherapist and online business coach I now help so many entrepreneurs drastically uplevel their business and lives so they can finally achieve financial and emotional freedom.


But don’t take it from me! Just look at what my students say after Profitable Purpose Academy.

PPA is right for you if:


  • You know that what you do is important, you just need to be more visible to those who need you.
  • You show up online but you are not really consistent because... it’s all too much, and you have life to live.
  • You know that it’s possible to have financial freedom and make a difference at the same time, it just feels a lot right now.
  • You even invested in yourself in the past but you still are not having the results that you are longing for.
  • You want to stand out online but you don’t really want to be posing in heels and show off designer bags on the gram, you want to be authentic and be paid to be you. 
  •  Let me stop you right here. Because I KNOW that all you want is possible and it’s much easier than you think!


I am not going to lie to you, some work has to be done, some commitment has to be made. BUT it can all be a beautiful journey to success, and success will only arrive to those who are willing to take a faithful step into the unknown. 


Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you the juiciest part of all this: going from 0 to a consistent 5 figure month is possible, doable and closer than you think.





During Profitable Purpose Academy you will learn the Trifecta Method, so you can heal what's keeping you stuck, acquire the Mindset of a true Leader, and become visible and finally connect with your dream clients, through storytelling and leveraging Monica's Hollywood experience, you will be able to master your messaging in an easy and powerful way so that you can fill your offers with ease, alignment and integrity.


This is not just a program. But a whole experience that will give you the tools to become a successful entrepreneur. Because that’s my mission and what I want my legacy to be. 


So far I helped dozens of entrepreneurs getting their business off the ground even with a small following, even those who were not on social media, because what might work for some might not work for others. Every business is different, that’s why I added The Mastermind to Profitable Purpose Academy. To follow and support you along your journey.

Profitable Purpose Academy - The Mastermind 


Not only will you have access to the online program and go at your own pace, but you’ll get personalized help to create and launch your offer in a simple way + the support of the community.

The whole Mastermind experience plus a very detailed easy to follow online program, with videos and workbooks to:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Expand your target audience
  • Get endorsements and build credibility
  • Start selling even if you have a tiny audience
  • Heal what’s keeping you stuck 
  • Get personalized support 


The Mastermind - 8 zoom calls included 2 hypnotherapy healing sessions with regression.


The entrepreneurial journey can be very lonely. In this 8 weeks you’ll be able to completely transform your business so that you can become a thriving and aligned CEO and have beautiful ripple effects in your life too.

Did you know that the majority of entrepreneurs fail after a year of being in business, and the common mistake is that they don’t apply one of these steps…

That's why in Profitable Purpose Academy we will dive deep into healing and reprogramming you to success, we’ll work together on your messaging so that you will be more visible to your ideal clients and then on your energy (let’s call it magic, that’s fancier :)! When it comes to energy people think that it’s a matter of being positive or being in a meditative state which is just not feasible especially if you have a business! The fastest way to be an energetic match to your dream clients so you can attract them and sell to them with ease is to do step #1 first, get rid of what’s keeping you stuck and then apply the Laws of the Universe. In PPA we will go through the most important ones that will help you accelerate your expansion even faster and transform you into a magnet for your desires!

Let’s dive in! What’s in the program:

Week 1


  • Create your biz foundation 
  • Design your business map and lay out all the steps to a profitable business
  • Learn the secret of how Science and Spirituality merge so you can use them to grow your business
  • Become a  Leader
  • Unleash and Channel your Inner Celebrity so you will become known for what you do  


Call 1

Introduction, how to use course, where to start, lay biz foundation + clarity. 

Week 2:


  • Find your niche and nail your messaging. Define your 'I do' statement
  • Create a Lead magnet to collect leads
  • Become competition proof


Call 2

Define your Niche and nail your messaging  

Create your lead generation freebie 

Leverage your Uniqueness.


Week 3


  • Learn how to use and control Your Mind so that it will work for you to get the things you desire
  • Learn and apply ways to defeat anxiety when overwhelm kicks in 
  • Get clear on your offer and buyer (ICA) based on your uniqueness
  • Get into alignment so you can get things done with ease
  • Defeat procrastination, Imposter syndrome and self-sabotaging for good


Call 3

Hypnotherapy to defeat imposter syndrome, self sabotage and procrastination to become more visible and raise your self-esteem so you can show up as Leader.


Week 4


  • Heal your Inner Child and raise your self-esteem
  • Mirror work – Learn how to Love yourself so you can ask, attract and receive more abundance
  • Learn how to let go of what is weighing you down and preventing your success 


Call 4:

Follow up on the hypno session and work through mindset shifts and healing.

Week 5


  • Decide the type of launch that suits you and your offer
  • Steps required, set up, support, plan it 


Call 5:

Create your signature offer and decide how to launch. Pricing your offer. Support and resources.


Week 6


  • Content creation. Do’s and don’t
  • Spiritual practice that will help you to find answers when in doubt
  • Create more time for yourself through strategy and team building
  • How to collaborate effectively with other Leaders to expand your audience
  • Use Quantum Physics and energetics to attract your dream life and dream biz  


Call 6 

Content creation. What to write, what to post, when to post and how to attract clients online, to find 1:1's and to fill your program.


Week 7


 Learn The Science Of Getting Rich

  • Heal your relationship with money (and receiving)
  • Dealing with the Fear of Money + Find opportunities
  • Rewire Your Mind to Wealth 
  • Make money on purpose


Call 7

Hypno to get rid of your money blocks once for all so that you can finally attract, create and receive wealth.


Week 8


  • Your next steps to finally being paid for what you love 
  • Execute your masterplan. LAUNCH YOUR OFFER
  • The art of selling. Assessment of who you have become  


Call 8

How they feel about money hypnotherapy

Anything you need to LAUNCH your offer. Mentoring.  




2 personalized audio hypnosis to rewire your mind to wealth, abundance and self-worth.



Free access to Discover Your Purpose program (worth $297) 

If you haven’t decided or are unclear in the direction you want to go, this program is the #1.




Access to a high vibe community that usually ends up in an everlasting sisterhood, to collaborate and support each other (priceless)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to join us?


Your higher self is waiting for you to decide...





If you feel like you want more support and have me on your side even during and after your launch you’ll have the chance to choose this option too with all the extra perks:


+ 4 extra coaching calls together and unlimited Voxer support: 


🔆 Personalized support on your launch + coaching 1:1

🔆 How to prep your audience for your launch getting them ready to buy through content creation, planning and execution based on your biz and especially personality.

🔆 Email sequence before and after a launch, what to write in your copy and what to write to your email list when you are launching so that they are already warm and ready to work with you.

🔆 Branding feedback and strategy to scale and expand your reach.

🔆 How to grow and nurture your email list so they become warmer and ready to buy (What to say, when to say it).

🔆 How to actually get new leads.

🔆 Learn how to sell on a discovery call with ease. The strategy and the energy + a sales script you can use. 

🔆 How to gather testimonials that work for you.

The calls:

I’ll only be accepting a handful of people to this Mastermind, that way you’ll get full benefits and individual attention, we’ll schedule the calls based on your needs when everyone is available (especially the hypno sessions). If you can’t make it to the call you will find the replay in the portal + you’ll be able to ask questions at any time for the whole 2 months).

I'm so passionate about helping as many people as possible that when you hit "Sign me up", I want it to be a resounding YASSSS!

So, here's the deal, I know you're going to get HUGE value from this program, but because I also know that making an investment in yourself can be scary, I want you to take 7 days to check this program out. 

If within those first 7 days, you still feel like the training and teachings in this program are not useful to you, then simply email my team with the homework done for a refund at [email protected]



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