Profitable Purpose Academy


with MonicaVallero

Get ready to take your life to an entirely different level

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* Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed about the next steps to take?

* Is anxiety making you inactive and unable to move forward?

* Feel unaligned with your current life?

* Are you in a never-ending cycle of self-sabotage?


* Want to learn how to manifest your desires into reality?


* Do you want to use your talents to "make it rain" and start making money on purpose?  


Learn the proven formula for success, so that you can begin to build the life of your dreams and become unstoppable.

Not long ago, I was right where you are now.

My small apartment in East Hollywood was full of post-it notes on the walls, full of affirmations such as: “I am making so much money!” Or, “It’s so easy to have the career of my dreams!”


I had these post its for years… yet when I looked down, I spotted a cockroach. 


I was still living in survival mode, month by month, with a scarcity mindset and with big dreams. 

I arrived at a point where I was tired of dreaming though. 


I wanted abundance. 


I wanted prosperity.


I really craved fulfillment and financial freedom.


After years of studying the Subconscious mind, The Law Of Attraction, reciting affirmations, reading so many books and YouTube videos, it STILL didn’t work.


Because, knowledge is not power. It’s just potential power.



So how did I find my true purpose in life, move to a beautiful place, start having financial freedom, even meet my soulmate and get married in 9 months?

(the baby came after:)


I put into practice all that I knew.

With trials and errors, but I invested in myself. 


I went through hypnotherapy to heal my deepest wounds (and even just my money stories that didn’t wanna go away that easily).


I took messy, scary actions, I started applying the LOA and all the other Universal laws, and of course I hired a few coaches to help me shed the light where I couldn’t see.

Sound like a lot of work? It was. 


That’s why I put together the best tools that really work for you to get to your abundant and prosperous life, without having to take years to figure it out (and without roaches :)

Your future self is screaming for you from the other side, to make the changes to get to her and to be free!⁠ ⁠

She’s waiting for you to realize that YOU, and only you, can take back control of your life.


So start taking action. INSPIRED actions. ⁠⁠

About the program

Profitable Purpose Academy is a 6-week program taught by Monica Vallero, a clinical hypnotherapist and success coach who helps others by focusing on the 3 most important parts of creating a sustainable, abundant, and prosperous life. Healing the past, taking implementing detailed strategies, and manifestation. Because if you only work on one or two of these, it won't be enough to see life-changing results.

Spirituality and science collide in this program, teaching you what you need to know to level up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that you can change your reality. The materials are laid out intentionally so that they are easily understood and can be implemented right away. 

All program materials will be accessible to you for LIFE! + All the bonuses!


The Stars

Week 1

We're going to kick off the program by getting crystal clear on your "Droals" (Dreams and Goals).

To do this we'll work through gaining clarity on your purpose, learning how science and spirituality collide and how to use meditation and visualisation for success. We'll also look at how you can match the vibration of your future self and defeat procrastination.

If you are ready to...

* Stop settling for less than you deserve and a life that you are not satisfied with;

* Gain clarity on your purpose;

* Start living life on your own terms;

* Squash your money blocks and become more financially abundant;

* Have, do, and become everything that you've ever desired;

* Become unstoppable...

...then this is for you.

You were put on this Earth to find your purpose

and share it with the world.

 Everything you desire in life is on the other side

of these 6 weeks.

Are you ready?


--I'm not sure if I'm ready to invest in myself yet. Do you have any advice?

Girl, I get it. It's scary as heck to think about making a change. 


But let me ask you a question. Do you desire to make your own way in life, your career, and the world?


If you said 'Yes!!", then you will be motivated, inspired, and pulled in to action through this program.

--What can I expect from this program?

Weekly discussion and training on how to design a life and business that you are crazy passionate about. Strategies, working on your energy, learning about the Universal Laws, and much more that will span across many different areas of life and business. 

--Why does my brain need to be "re-wired"? That sounds freaky.

Rewiring a brain sounds like a scary thing.


But see it this way, our minds are like computers. When computers are built they have an old programming that it needs to be updated with new demanding tasks we need in order to be more productive, to grow our businesses, to make more money, high level technology.


Our minds are the same. When we were born we were perfect. We were absorbing life like a sponge. 


Everything we saw, heard, experiences has been soaked up and made our programming. What our parents, teachers, caregivers, etc. said and did, we took it as truth.


And even though we now know that some of the things were part of their old programming and not the actual truth, they still are stuck in our subconscious mind. 


Makes sense?


Unfortunately most of the times we do know it with our conscious mind. Consciously we know that it's not true! But when a thought, memory, or experience doesn't heal at a subconscious level it won't allow you to grow to your full potential and evolve exponentially.


That's why rewiring your mind to the version of yourself who has every freaking thing you want is FUNDAMENTAL. Its' a non-negotiable step. That's why PPA is the thing you need to make it happen.

--I'm super busy. What if I can't keep up with the weekly materials?

It's self-paced! And you will have access to the PDFs, recorded live sessions, and audio files through the portal.

--Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes! I want to make sure that my program is as accessible as possible, so you can split your investment in to two payments:) more info on that is in the checkout page!

--Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this program and fully believe in the principles in it. The praise on my testimonial page is from real live people who have worked with me in various capacities and have gotten incredible results. You can check those out here


However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with the program, I can not guarantee specific results or increased income. I can only share my personal practice around healing my past, shifting my beliefs, choosing my energetic state, and receiving money. This practice has worked for me and countless others, and I believe in it deeply, but the experiences of my past clients may not be typical for all students.

--What is your refund policy?

I'm so passionate about helping as many women as possible that when you hit "Sign me up", I want it to be a resounding YASSSS! 

​So here's the deal, I know you're going to get huge value from this program, but because I also know that making investments in yourself can be scary, I want you to take 24 hours to check this program out. 


Get in to the program, attend the trainings, complete the homework. 


If within those first 24 hours, you still feel like the trainings in this program are not useful to you, then simply email me for a refund at


To qualify for a refund, you must include the following in your email to show that you really gave it a try:

  • Your homework from all trainings that have already happened

  • Attendance to all the sessions, q&a's, videos and trainings, and submit notes with your 3 biggest takeaways from the session. 


Refunds will not be given if these guidelines are not met, or after the cutoff date.

--What happens after I enroll?

Once you enroll, you will receive a confirmation email with all the deets about where, when, and how to access the trainings, course materials, and an invite to join the private fb community. 

Have more questions? email, and I'd be happy to help!

With PPA, you are getting over $6,000 worth of content!

But that is NOT what your investment in to the program will be.

Instead of $997 you can enroll for only



As my gift to you, you'll receive a   


$248 discount!

The next time I open enrollment, the price will go up to $997.


Get years worth of actionable steps that you can take in just 6 weeks, to start creating the life of your dreams.

All that you've ever desired for your life CAN be yours, you just need to start.