Discover Your Purpose

So you can finally feel fulfilled and abundant

If you left the world tomorrow, what’s the

message you would like to leave behind?


What if you could find out what makes you unique and discover what you came on this earth for?

In this mini-course you will have more clarity on what your Uniqueness is and how to use it to be more profitable while having fun and feeling fulfilled.

Just imagine how your life can change once you find out what your Purpose is…

The Law of Dharma states that we are spiritual beings who have taken physical form to fulfill a purpose. Everyone has a purpose in life. 

But not everyone wants to go that ‘deep’, maybe you just want to find your passion,

your thing, anything that makes you happy while profitable.

Or maybe you know that you’re meant for more but you don’t know what yet. 

True happiness is to fulfill one’s true heart's desire and sometimes this desire is buried by what we are ‘supposed to do in life’. But once we find what our purpose is, life will change completely, will become more colorful, happier and... more purposeful!


I was where you are right now…


I still remember when I exploded in tears with my ex-boyfriend saying that I wasn’t happy. I didn’t even know why, I just knew I wanted more but I didn’t know what. I felt that rock in my stomach so heavy. When I told my family and friends I was going to move to the US to pursue acting I got laughed at. They told me to stop dreaming and to get a regular job, they told me that I would never make it because I didn’t know English and I would always be considered the immigrant from another country, so not taken seriously.


But I didn’t listen. And 8 years after I played in American movies, TV shows, wrote and produced award-winning projects and performed stand-up in the most famous comedy Club in Hollywood.


Even if I got revenge on those who criticized me, I still wasn’t happy.


Until I found my true Purpose.

Acting and performing was a necessary step who took me to the other side of the world to finally step into what I was meant to be and do. And that’s when my life changed completely.

That’s when I stopped feeling that hard rock in my stomach, when I could finally breathe freely, where I knew where I belonged and that's when life got a lot easier.


STEP 1: 







And I want the same thing for you.

Because no matter your background, no matter your education, your age, you can find your Purpose.

I developed a step by step process to have clarity on your Purpose,

and in this mini-course you will learn the 3 most important steps 

Now is the most important time for people to step up and to embody their purpose.

The world needs you in your full power, sharing your gifts and fulfilling your potential.




Success Coach

& Hypnotherapist


You don’t have to waste any more time researching, strolling and wondering what your Purpose is, what is it that lights you up and at the same time can be profitable.

Discovering your Purpose doesn’t have to take years. It can be immediate. Sometimes it’s manifested as an idea, an ah-ah moment, a knowing feeling or an awareness that will change your life forever. It’s a decision that you make for yourself and this mini-course will speed up the process for you and help you to get in tune with what you came here for. 

Angela Hind from AH Social

I took the mini-course already knowing what I wanted to do but not sure how. After completing it my business has been BOOMING! I was able to overcome some fears that I had due to Imposter Syndrome, because now I have a clear vision of where I want my business to go and the exact path to get there. 

Jess Rodriguez 

I Knew I was meant for more but I didn't know what exactly. I was so tired of trying new things with little results. So I jumped. I trusted that this course would give me the clarity I needed. As so it did. I finally KNOW WHY I AM HERE, what is my purpose and I already started taking actions on the things I love. Thank you Monica for your guidance. Now I know that what I have been through just prepared me for what I am about to create.



What’s Included:

  • 3 Video Modules 

  • 1 Exercise Book

  • Private community to find support and accountability

  • 1 Guided Visualization to connect with your Purpose

Bonus - Training on how you can start making your Purpose Profitable 

  • Find out your unique gifts and use them to make more money

  • Meet the version of yourself who is already there

  • Learn the secret ingredient many entrepreneurs and biz owners miss

  • and so much more


Benefits of discovering your purpose:

Better Relationships


More Successful


More In Flow

You'll discover your Uniqueness and turn it into Purpose; you will take the first steps and will learn the missing ingredient many people skip over when following their dreams.


See, we all have unique life experiences, traits and talents. We also have multiple purposes in life. What I have learned is that we are allowed to change, to pivot career paths, and follow our dreams — whether we know what they are or not. What’s important is to be curious enough and explore how.

And if this is you, if you are curious to know, if you are wanting more, then this mini-course is your missing piece.

I'll see you on the other side!

Act now - EXTRA Bonus

25 min audio hypnosis to accelerate your Purpose.

Don't want to overthink it and want to let your Subconscious Mind do the work in finding your Purpose? Yep, you got this option too!


This audio will guide you back to the curious child you used to be and find out what you are most aligned with today. 




Oh, did I tell you that you also have 100% money back guarantee? Yep, I wanted this to be a no-brainer for you!

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 12.51.38

Here's the thing:

if after you go through the mini-course you still feel you didn't find your Purpose, my Team and I will jump on a call with you to help you figure it out. And if after that you still feel confused... we'll reimburse you 100%



But today it's yours for only $97




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