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 Want to know the hard truth about 

 building a successful business? 


Being good at what you do just isn’t enough

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So, you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, a coach...

and you know you are GREAT at what you do...

But there's always something in the way between you and what you want: time, connections, not enough money, confidence, not sure how, overwhelm, stress, people around you... you name it!

And all you want is more dream clients, more money, a growing business that's aligned with your values and that is not sucking all of your time but that gives you the freedom you've been seeking for quite a while. 

I get it. I’m an entrepreneur too, and I want to teach you

how to build a thriving, money-making business that

feels just right and makes you excited, not anxious.


Let's be honest:

Being an entrepreneur is not as always easy and glamorous as people think, right? There are so many things to learn and do, and it can be overwhelming at times. Everyone is screaming from the top of their lungs that their thing brought them millions and you are here wondering... is that it? That one technique helped them achieve that? You want to make an impact, you know that you are meant for more but also the lifestyle you thought you were going to have is not really feasible for you right now. But you know it's worthy. You know you are meant for more. You know that you are good at what you do but sometimes you feel unheard and unseen, hustling trying to figure out a way to be financially free sipping your coconut water on a beach in Bali while taking pictures for the Gram and making a bigger impact with your message or product.

Ahhhh I have been there! I tried all the strategies, affirmations, meditation, marketing funnels out there. What I realized is that there is not only 1 thing that works for you or me. It's not 'one the thing' but it's multiple ones. There are only 3 things you need to master when it comes to having a profitable business because that's how I did it and that's how my students and clients do it too: it's about Healing what's keeping you small, keeping you procrastinating, or perhaps causing you to self sabotage, from trying to hide instead of being visible. It's about clearing all that and rewire you to the wealthiest version of you and the leader you were meant to be.  It's also about taking the right steps that are 'right for you' based on your personality and based on your product/service, because let's be honest what works for some might not work for others! And the last step it's about using a pinch of magic, (which is science anyway), you can really expedite your results with the Laws of the Universe!


That's why I created the Trifecta Method, so you can have a one stop to have it all! And this method is only available inside this program.


Profitable Purpose Academy is for you if:

 You know you are meant for more and you want to create your

dream business with ease and joy

You want to become a money magnet and learn how to allow

abundance in your business and life

You’re ready to take aligned action and become the CEO you always

dreamed of to get consistent and increasing income.

You want a business that makes money AND the freedom you crave


But right now you only have a few clients here

and there, and the 'fake it until you make

it' is becoming unsustainable


  • You have many ideas but not sure how to execute them, not sure how to bring in the income you desire.

  • You don't often attract the right clients or the clients that are happy and ready to pay you.

  • There are times that you're doubting yourself and wondering if entrepreneurship is even for you.

  • You love what you do and can't wait to impact the life of many others on a larger scale but you feel unheard and unseen.

That’s about to change!


  Profitable Purpose Academy  

A powerful 8 week program that focuses on the

3 most important ingredients when it comes to

build a successful business:

1/3 Deep Mindset Work

1/3 The Right Marketing Strategies

1/3 Magical Activation

So that you can have the income and freedom

that you deserve!

The perfect container for high vibe entrepreneurs

who are ready to be profitable, to attract the right clients and ready to activate the perfect

money making machine 


What You’ll Learn (and Experience)

Inside Profitable Purpose Academy:


Create a solid biz foundation

✔️ Gain clarity on your purpose to create your 

       biz foundation

✔️ Design your map, based on the Trifecta

       Method, to achieve your biz goals

✔️ Learn the secret of how Science and

       Spirituality merge so you can use them 


✔️ Learn how to match the vibration of your


✔️ How to defeat procrastination for good



Become Unstoppable 

✔️ Learn how to use and control Your Mind 

✔️ Learn and apply ways to defeat anxiety 

       when overwhelm kicks in 

✔️ Get clear on your offer and buyer (ICA)

       based on your uniqueness

✔️ Get into alignment so you can get things

       done with ease


Heal to Profit

✔️ Heal your Inner Child and raise 

       your self-esteem
✔️ Mirror work – Learn how to Love yourself

       so you can ask, attract and

       receive more abundance

✔️ Learn how to let go of what is weighing

       you down and preventing your success

✔️ Stop self sabotaging, Imposter Syndrome

      (AND PROCRASTINATION) are gone once               and for all.



✔️ Messaging.

✔️ How to show up from your higher-self.

✔️ Clarity on your free and paid offers and

       how to link them together.

✔️ Attract leads who desperately need

       your offers

✔️ How to collaborate effectively with other

       Leaders to expand your audience

✔️ Stop the social media overwhelm and   

      create more time for yourself



✔️ The Law Of Attraction spiritually and

       scientifically explained
✔️ Learn the most powerful tools to make

      The Law Of Attraction really work for your

       Business (and personal life)!
✔️ Use Quantum physics to get what

       you want!

✔️ Become competition proof


Make it rain! $$$

✔️ Learn The Science Of Getting Rich

✔️  Heal your relationship with money

✔️  Dealing with the Fear of Money +

        Find opportunities

✔️ Rewire Your Mind to Wealth 

✔️  Make money on purpose




✔️ Regain the Confidence you were

       born with and become who you

       are meant to be

✔️ Shift your mindset for success

✔️ Camera confident 

✔️ The Art of Receiving 



✔️ Assessment of who you

       have become

✔️ Your next steps to finally being

       paid for what you love 

✔️ Execute your masterplan

✔️ The art of selling


  • Group Hypnotherapy to get rid of what doesn’t serve you and raise      your self-esteem

  • High vibe sisterhood community for support and collaboration 

  • Hot-seat Zoom coaching calls for support 

  • Chakra work

Ready to uplevel my business!
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Profitable Purpose Academy


  • Create a solid foundation for your business

  • Wipe out all the blocks that are preventing you from playing it big

  • Clarify your mission and your message

  • Create a marketing strategy that suits your needs

  • Know how and where to look when in doubt

  • Heal your Inner Child and Raise your Self-Esteem

  • Attract the right clients

  • Become competition proof and a leader in your field

  • Rewire your Mind to Wealth

  • Manifest more abundance in your life

  • Become unshakably confident

  • and so much more...


If you could fill your offers with dream clients happy and ready to pay you.


If you could make the income you desire.


If you could have more free time to spend time with your family.


If you could manifest everything you wanted with ease and fun .


If you felt unstoppable and in alignment, gaining a life-long sisterhood community.

If you could be so confident where people around you started noticing it and finally taking you seriously and begging you to work with them.


Imagine if you could feel in charge of your life, in peace, happy that you healed that little child inside of you who is screaming for her freedom.

If you could be a leader living in prosperity.


" I manifested money from different sources

and in a short amount of time! "


- Isabelle Sitterle -


After PPA I am definitely more confident and bolder, I manifested money and received it from different sources. Today I finally feel that "I am enough!" just the way I am, I ask for the things I want and deserve whether once I felt intimidated, feeling they were unreachable. 


PPA will help you to reach your goals and help you become the person you truly want to be professionally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and even romantically. 

 Profitable Purpose Academy 

is a place to, grow, collaborate, heal and celebrate each other's profits!


Ciao! I'm Monica!


I am originally from a cute town called Treviso in Italy but I've been living in the USA for 11 years now. After chasing success for over 2 decades I finally understood what makes people successful and what not, stumbling upon my true purpose which is  helping others become the best and wealthiest version of themselves so they can hit their revenue goal. That's when I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Success Coach.

As you can imagine I was so excited about my new venture but not too long after I found myself in the 'entrepreneurship slump'. I didn't know how to get clients! I know I was meant for more but no matter what strategy I tried it wasn't working (and my bank account was crying). I did it all. I was on every social media platform, giving free content all day without any sales. I was cold messaging people (even old friends I haven’t spoken to in years 🤦‍♀️); I did lives where nobody showed up, posts that had two likes (thanks mom and sister) you name it… I did it. I was tired, overwhelmed and couldn’t pay my bills with my ‘passion’ — let alone have the lifestyle that I desired.


I finally realized that I was doing it wrong! Even if I got a few clients here and there, that was not a practical strategy for the long term.


So I stopped downloading all the freebies out there, stopped listening to the guru’s advice and realized that one specific strategy was NOT the way to build a successful business. 


What I found out for me and all of my clients is that you need all the things, BUT in a much easier, more practical, and simpler way: getting rid of what kept me stuck at a subconscious level and using the right marketing strategies while shifting my energy is the winning formula.


That’s when my business took off effortlessly.


And that’s why I want to I want personally invite you to PROFITABLE PURPOSE ACADEMY, so you too can have a thriving business and the lifestyle you deserve.

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