A 6 month intimate Mastermind for 12 women ready to quantum leap and bring their business to the next level.

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You are a born high flyer and you know that your dream business is waiting for you in the quantum field.

You’re ready to take strategic action and become fully aligned to get consistent 5-10k months, and more.

You want a business that makes money AND gives you fulfilment and joy. #screwhustle

Most importantly, you want to spend more time doing what you love (Travelling ? Chilling out with your cat ? Making your home more Feng Shui? Working from Bali?), and have a business that supports your vision.

But right now you’re not fully booked, and it’s kinda

hard to plan your next trip to the Caribbean,

eating dragon fruit bowls.

  •   You’re are passionate about what you do but you’re not quite sure how to sell out your offers.  

  • You’ve been trading time for money, and charging an hourly rate that doesn’t give you the financial freedom you deserve.

  • You’ve successfully attract dream high-end clients, and you are ready to Expand.

  • Impostor syndrome sometimes sneaks in with its “what if I just got lucky” or “what if I can’t sustain this”.

  • You are ready to level up and launch offers and program, but fear is holding you back (did I hear “what if no one buys”).

  • You’ve been flying below your income and freedom potential while other not-so-honest entrepreneurs out there have been making bank with half of your talent and a tenth of your ethics.   



That’s about to change!


The Business Accelerator Mastermind

A powerful Mastermind that focuses on the blissful combination of deep mindset work and advanced business and marketing strategies to grow and scale your business AND have income and freedom!

The perfect container for high vibe female entrepreneurs who want to do business their way, be aligned and profitable, and magnetise clients to them.


What You’ll Learn (and Experience)

Inside Profitable Purpose Academy:



Create a solid biz foundation

Gain clarity on your purpose to create your biz foundation

Design your map, based on the Trifecta Method, to achieve your biz goals
→ Learn the secret of how Science and Spirituality merge so you can use them interchangeably
→ Learn how to match the vibration of your Higher-Self  
→ How to defeat procrastination for good

→ Learn how to use and control Your Mind 
→ Learn and apply ways to defeat anxiety when overwhelm kicks in 

→ Get clear on your offer and buyer (ICA) based on your uniqueness
get into alignment so you can get things done with ease

Become Unstoppable 



Heal to Profit

→ Heal your Inner Child and raise your self-esteem

Mirror work – Learn how to Love yourself so you can ask, attract and receive more abundance


→ Learn how to let go of what is weighing you down and preventing your success

→ Stop self-sabotaging and Imposter Syndrome once and for all so you can show up as your authentic self without holding back 



Use the Laws of the Universe to accelerate Success

The Law Of Attraction spiritually and scientifically explained and why it doesn't always work

→Learn the most powerful tools to make The Law Of Attraction really work for your Business (and personal life)!

→ Use Quantum physics to get what you want!

→ Connect to your higher-self and get guidance every time you are in doubt!

→ Become competition proof




Make it rain! $$$

→ Learn The Science Of Getting Rich

Heal your relationship with money

→ Dealing with the Fear of Money + Find opportunities

Rewire Your Mind to Wealth

→ Make money on purpose


→ Regain the Confidence you were born with

and become who you are meant to be

→ Shift your mindset for success

→ The next steps in your biz

→ Assessment of who you have become 

→ The Art of Receiving 

Hypnosis to be more confident


Confident like a CEO


Group Hypnotherapy on get rid of all the blocks such as imposter syndrome, procrastination, self-sabotage etc and boost you with unshakable confidence, self-esteem, courage and sisterhood  (live and personal) - set intention, ask before what they want to work on.

Make them sign a weaver - show up live, no recording (make a live on PPA fb group and ask the think they think it’s in the way)

Ready to accelerate my business !


8 weeks Mastermind ($2497) Full support (maybe send them a gift such as a mug with my logo and written Profitable Purpose Academy, or Everything I touch turns into gold) and my signature.

Only 5 spots available

Everything above +

1:1 to strategize your business and create a specific plan.

Weekly zoom coaching call Mastermind (marketing strategies and mindset breakthroughs) i.g. Create your offer, create your freebie, grow your email list, personalized strategies that work for you and only you.  To guide you every step of the way.

Personalized Hypnotherapy with regression on get rid of all the blocks such as imposter syndrome, procrastination, self-sabotage etc and boost you with unshakable confidence, self-esteem, courage and sisterhood  (live and personal)


Hypnotherapy to find out their money blocks and get rid of it (live and personal) set intention, ask before what they want to work on

Marketing on spot (personalized) + master the art of sales

Networking, collaboration & accountability.

Are you an entrepreneur, biz owner, creative (or want to be one) and you are finally ready to make more money with the things that you love the most?


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