You’re officially part of Crush Your 2021 goals challenge! I’m so pumped to see that you’ve taken advantage of this and you’re committed to making your 2021 your best year ever!


Here’s what to do:


Keep an eye on your inbox because you'll be receiving your a welcome video which will help prepare you for the challenge starting on December 21st at 10am PT. 

Make sure you invite your friends and tag me on IG how excited you are, the more you engage the more chances you have to win amazing prizes (worth hundreds of dollars) 🤑

Yes you can watch the replays but prizes only for those on the live 😬

Join our community here, introduce yourself and let us know what is your big goal that you want to achieve on 2021.

P.S. the workbook will be uploaded in the FB group a little before our challenge starts so you can print it out and follow along. 


I can’t wait to get to know you better, I’m so excited to be in this journey together!

Love, light and success to you.